The PECERA is an organization dedicated to disseminating and supporting research in early childhood education in the Pacific area. Inauguration conference of PECERA was held in Kobe, Japan in July, 2000. With over 150 scholars, researchers and professionals participating in the conference, Dr. Bernard Spodek, founder of PECERA invited participants to form an organization which aims at facilitating scholars, researchers and professionals to serve the interests of young children in the Pacific area.

During the 2001 PECERA Annual Conference held in Christchurch, New Zealand, the PECERA constitution was approved. 14 July marked the birth of PECERA.

On 28 January 2005, a team of early childhood educators successfully registered PECERA (Hong Kong) as a new chapter of PECERA. 25 February 2006 marks the official launching of PECERA (Hong Kong).

Please click here(www.pecera.org) to PECERA's homepage.